Welcome to my journey to better health and a pain-free life

My name is CJ but my avatar is a rabbit. Actually, he's my house rabbit. His name is Remy. Why a rabbit, you ask? Several reasons. This blog is mostly anonymous. Unless you found your way here from my author page. Meaning, my friends and family don't know about it. I'm not writing this for them. I'm writing this for you--the person who has suffered with inexplicable inflammation for years and is quite ready to do something about it. But mostly, I chose Remy's spiffy little glamour shot because he loves leafy greens and much of my new pain-free life is due to a plant-based diet. Now some people automatically make assumptions when someone says the term "plant-based" but please don't. I'm not a radical about to scream "vegetarian" or "vegan" or "gluten-free" or anything else. This isn't that kind of blog. In fact, it's probably best I explain some of my goals for this blog.

What you won't find on this blog:


Certainty: I'm not a doctor or nutritionist. I do not have your body, your symptoms, your experiences, or your life. I only know what has worked for me. I created this blog to share tips and tidbits to save you from slogging through the research as I often do daily. But remember what has worked for me may not work for you. What is good for me may not be good for you. When in doubt, check with your physician.

Hostility: I'm not big on Western medicine but you won't find any finger-pointing on this blog. (In fact, I work in a hospital and I believe in getting regular check-ups.) A person's diet is a personal thing and should be specifically tailored to each individual. What's more, diet often involves personal beliefs, and that's fine--I, too, eat based on my personal beliefs (I'm a pescatarian). That said, I won't tolerate single-mindedness in the comments on this blog. I'm here to talk about hope. About taking your life back through nutrition. I won't allow this blog to turn into a do's and don'ts based on someone's personal beliefs, including my own. At present, I'm leaving the comments open so sincere people can share their experiences. But that could change if I end up spending too much time deleting comments from Debbie Downers.

What you will find on this blog:

Experiences: I plan to share my experiences regarding diet, exercise, and other avenues to good health that I've tried (whether it be Western medicine, Chinese medicine, etc.). 

Tips: I do tons of research on inflammation and nutrition by reading articles (such as clinical study results) and reading books written by professionals. I hope to share what I've read and/or tested on myself that produced good results. 

Recipes: I find amazing recipes all the time that combat inflammation and/or are just plain good for you. I hope to share links to those as I find them.

This blog is a work in progress so I'm leaving it open to suggestions. Feel free to email me.

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